APS and SRP Energy Audits

Increase the energy efficiency of your home & save money.
Arizona Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a home check-up,
complete with testing and inspections that normally cost hundreds of
dollars. We work with your utility to provide this service at a discounted
price. We also assist you with rebates, tax credits and incentives to help you get the most out of your money.

Call to schedule your $99 Energy Assessment

For just $99, we will conduct a complete home inspection:

  1. Audit the ac system, ductwork, insulation and building envelope and perform a blower door test
  2. Replace up to 10 incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient CFL’s
  3. Install a low-flow showerhead
  4. Install three low-flow faucet aerators
  5. Provide you with a final comprehensive home assessment

Using the energy audit, you decide which upgrades to perform: duct sealing, home insulation, shade screens, hvac efficiency, lighting/appliances. Also, consider adding renewable energy- solar photovoltaic or solar hot water- to further reduce your energy bills.

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