APS Energy Rebates & Incentives

Three hundred days of sunshine a year make today’s reliable solar technology ideally suited to Arizona’s climate. Solar APS rebates, along with the federal and state tax incentives, make using clean solar energy to power your home easy and more affordable. Plus, you’ll also do your part to help make Arizona a better place for generations to come.


APS Solar Rebates in Phoenix

APS rebates offer numerous incentives for making your home more energy efficient. Although we are not affiliated with APS, we will help you make the most of the incentives available to you. Listed below are some examples, please check the APS website for the most current APS rebates and incentives:


  1. $99 Home Audit: A comprehensive energy audit that includes a blower door test, pressure diagnostics, combustion safety testing, HVAC assessment and inspections on insulation, windows, lighting, appliances and hot water heating. Also includes the installation of 10 CFL’s, 3 aerators, and one low flow shower head.
  2. Solar Water Heaters: up to 50% of the system cost
  3. Solar Panel (Photovoltaic Electric): up to 50% of the projected cost, max. of $75,000
  4. Per kW Savings: Photovoltaic Systems up to $3.00/watt; Solar Water Heaters: $0.75/kWh for 1 year
  5. Sealing Air Leaks: rebates up to $250 for air sealing that reduces infiltration and improves insulation’s performance.
  6. Duct Test & Sealing: APS offers up to $250 to seal and repair leaks in their heating and cooling duct system.
  7. Attic Insulation: rebates up to $250 to upgrade attic insulation to R-30 when the existing insulation has a performing R-value of less than R-19.
  8. Shade Screens: Customers can qualify for up to $250 in shade screen rebates with a shading coefficient of 80% or greater on east, west and south facing windows

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