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For the cost of a nice light fixture, we can bring the soft, warm light of the sun into your home, installed on any roof surface in under two hours. They do not contribute to heat loss or gain, unlike traditional skylights and electric lights which can add up to 40% of the average heat gain in a home. Solar skylights often qualify for tax credits as an energy conservation device and our 25-year warranty is the best in the industry!


In addition to being free, sunlight is psychologically and physiologically better for us. Natural sunlight offers the full visible spectrum of light which reduces eye strain, helps us to see better, and helps us, our pets and even plants to synthesize nutrients for healthier living.


Why tubular skylights?

  1. Tubular skylights emit more light than traditional skylights
  2. They are more energy efficient than traditional skylights, designed with a sealed shaft which minimizes the transfer of heat or cold into your home
  3. They scatter 100% of the natural light spectrum through the use of a diffuser, thereby eliminating the spotlight effect
  4. 99% of harmful UV rays are absorbed by both the specially designed dome and the light pipe, eliminating a bleaching effect on rugs & furniture

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